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Randall Children's Hospital

The pediatric cardiology center at Randall Children’s Hospital boasts a state-of-the-art medical facility with a full team of cardiology specialists who are focused on providing their young patients with the best care possible. The Randall Children’s Hospital in Portland, Oregon prides itself on offering the best treatment for their young patients, with a team of individuals focused on cardiology, surgical procedures, and other aspects of a child’s development that can all come together to ensure that they get the playful, healthy life they deserve.


Cardiology patients at Randall Children’s Hospital have access to some of the top facilities in the world, including certified cardiology specialists and a range of rehabilitation services for post-surgery procedures. With quality care as their number one priority, Randall Children’s Hospital in Portland, Oregon makes sure that their patients get the treatment they deserve without losing out on the fun of childhood.

Specialized Pediatric Cardiology Services

By ensuring that each individual child is getting the best treatment possible, Randall Children’s Hospital prioritizes the comfort and health of their patients above all else. And with a team of doctors who are specialized in infant care and pre-birth diagnosis, children with heart defects or cardiac complications are in good hands from birth. By screening for heart issues early on, specialized medical treatment can begin early and not interfere with the child’s development down the road.

In addition, Randall Children’s Hospital has a team of child life specialists who are trained in coaching and counseling young patients about daily activities, developmental goals, and helping them through the emotional stages involved with treatment. By focusing on treating every aspect of the child’s life and development, commits itself to a full medical plan for their pediatric cardiology patients that doesn’t stop at cardiology. They also provide dietitians for their patients, to help them adjust to any new diet changes to help take some of the stress out of the adjustment period with a new treatment or medication.   

Randall Children’s Hospital Portland, Oregon

While looking for a cardiology specialist for their child is never something that a parent wants to go through, the Randall Children’s Hospital Heart Center helps you and your child through the treatment process, and treats every child on a individual basis, so they get the best care possible. At Randall Children’s Hospital, our team puts their heart into their treatments and patient care so that your child can live a happy, heart-healthy life without the stress.

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